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Custom by Me

September 2013



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Custom by Me


As a reminder, all the Adult (NC17) Stories are friend-locked. If you want to read them, you MUST sign the guestbook so I can add you to the approved list.

Shall We Dance?
Tonight, we tango!

Magic Fingers
Ginny likes Harry's fingers exactly where they are, thank you very much.

Touching You, Touching Me
Touch is perhaps the most sensual of the senses. Harry and Ginny enjoy touching.

Troll Poker
September first has never been so much fun.

He worships her and she is his all too willing goddess.

Sultry SLASH
Sultry was a good word to describe it.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
He's had a difficult transformation but she is feeling a bit playful.

Mrs Potter in the Dining Room with the Candlestick
That probably wasn't the real reason behind the gift.

Love in an Elevator

Dudley Dursley and the Fantastic Fuck

Play Me
In the middle of the night, music awakens Harry, but he has other music that he'd like to make.

Dirty Boy
Rain. Mud. A lonely, horny young man. Self-pleasure ensues.

The Right Time
It's New Year's Eve and Harry and Ginny have plans.

A Quick Trip to The Loo

Shagging in E-flat Major
A night in a discothèque gives James and Lily bit more than dancing.

So Wrong It Was Right
A line is crossed when comfort is offered and needed.

Getting It Right
He's trying, really.

Back to the Tent
In the place of his greatest guilt, Ron exorcises that memory with one that's sure to last a lifetime.

The Taste of Innocence
Harry loves Ginny. Harry tells Ginny. Harry and Ginny....well, you know.

Up in the Hayloft
Molly and Arthur spend some time together and "make a memory."

The Morning After the Night Before
The morning after she gets engaged, Ginny has a lot on her mind.

Anger Management
Ron has a unique way of diffusing Hermione's anger...

What Happened to Harry and Ginny After Sophie Went to Bed
An outtake from "Making Love." After Ginny's put Sophie to bed, things heat up a bit

The Weasley Boys' Smut-Fest
------Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron

Neville Longbottom, Boy Toy
Neville has never had a girlfriend, let alone had sex. But when Katie Bell starts paying attention to him, things go a mile a minute.

Coming Apart at the Seams
As their relationship disintegrates, Ginny begins to think she and Harry made a mistake. A night out with an old friend serves as a catalyst for change.

Braving the Dance Floor
While Harry watches Ginny dance with other men, he finally manages to be a true Gryffindor and make his way onto the dance floor.

A Little Extra Love
Ginny is worried about Harry’s waistline. Harry doesn’t want any more daughters. See how the two combine in this little adventure.

Roughing It
Ron gets goaded into a bet with Harry about whether he can make it camping without the comforts of magic. One tent, four people and a rainstorm prove to be quite the challenge.

It’s been three weeks since Harry has seen Ginny, and when they parted, Molly interrupted them before “it” happened. When he returns, a little pick-up game of Quidditch leads to something else entirely.

Spinning a Yarn
A Weasley sweater may never have the same meaning again.

The war is over; the battle won. They survived and so has their love. Now, it’s time to begin another journey: discovering each other.

Rounds with Hermione
Find out what Ron and Hermione got up to during the three previous episodes!

Time for that Bottle of Wine
Harry and Ginny decide that the bottle has stayed in the trunk long enough.

The Morning After
Part 2 of the Drinking Games Series.

Drinking Games
t's Dean's 18th birthday and Seamus has organized a party in the seventh-year boys' dormitory. With Ron and Hermione out of the way, things take a decidedly "interesting" turn.

It's Harry and Ginny's wedding day. All that's left to do is get rid of the relatives and get on with it.

Future Plans