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September 2013



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RHr Heart

Ron and Hermione

Drabble Requests

Drabbles and Ficlets

Defying Logic
The Capricious Pomoxis

Troll Poker (ADULT)
September first has never been so much fun.

Back to the Tent--ADULT
In the place of his greatest guilt, Ron exorcises that memory with one that's sure to last a lifetime.

When Hermione returns from Australia, Ron needs to know where things stand.

Why Ron Weasley Got the Better End of the Deal
Hermione has one side-effect of her cycle that Ron really is pleased with.

Hermione Granger and the Life-Sized Wedding Favour
Getting fitted for a bridal dress is bad enough when you're a normal witch. But Ginny's eight-months pregnant with twins...

Anger Management--ADULT 
Ron has a unique way of diffusing Hermione's anger...

The Weasley Boys' Smut-Fest (Ron)--ADULT 
It's Ron and Hermione's wedding night...'nuff said...

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool
Cat meets dog. Cat fights with dog. Cat doesn't like dog...

Scent of a Man
Hermione never said what the third scent was when she smelled the Amortentia potion. Ever wonder what it was? And how about Ginny? What would she smell?

Scent of a Woman
Ever wonder what Ron smelled in the Amortentia potion that first day in Potions? Or have you ever wondered how Harry felt about smelling something that was uniquely Ginny?

That Dark Place
Hermione always considered herself a bright witch and could handle most things that came her way. She was, after all, the brightest witch of her age. But when she becomes a mother, she is thwarted by her child and her mind in her attempts to be in control. To help his wife, Ron has to step up and take control of the situation before she falls further into that dark place.

Becoming His Own Man
The war is over. Voldemort is gone. What are Harry and Ron going to do now? Enquiring minds want to know....

Inner Monologue
Ron and Hermione are filled with angst.

Roughing It--ADULT 
Ron gets goaded into a bet with Harry about whether he can make it camping without the comforts of magic. One tent, four people and a rainstorm prove to be quite the challenge.

Rounds with Hermione--ADULT 
Find out what Ron and Hermione got up to during the three previous episodes!

The Morning After--ADULT 
Part 2 of the Drinking Games Series.

Drinking Games--ADULT 
It's Dean's 18th birthday and Seamus has organized a party in the seventh-year boys' dormitory. With Ron and Hermione out of the way, things take a decidedly "interesting" turn. Part one of the Drinking Games Series.

This Kiss
Told in three parts, Hermione recounts her first kisses and her reactions to them. The story features Viktor Krum and Cormac McLaggen, and stars Ron Weasley as Mr. Perfect Lips.

Over the Moon
Hermione is sitting on the bathroom floor wondering why her life is taking this turn so quickly. She remembers the conversations and encounters that led her to this point.
"Damn that Weasley fertility!"

Small Miracles
Ron and Harry await the arrival of Hermione's baby and talk about the day Harry first became a father. We also meet the newest member of the Potter family.

Snow Angels
It's New Year's Eve and in the middle of a snowball fight, something magical happens between Ron and Hermione (and we're not talkin' spells or charms, folks...).