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Custom by Me

September 2013



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Custom by Me

2011 in Review

Wow, this year was REALLY pathetic, word count wise. According to these numbers, I wrote more than this my first year in fandom! I'm utterly ashamed.

Total Words Written in 2011...26,802

One Shots
It's a Wonderful Life? (Ted and Lily Luna) Written for tosca1390 --2011 smutty_claus Entry NC17
Just the Way You Are (Neville and Hannah) NC17
Who's That Girl (Gen, Harry and Ginny) Written for hg_silverlining
She Drives Me Crazy and I Can't Help Myself (Gen, Harry and Ginny) Written hp_canon_fest
Three Times Ginny Weasley Sat in the Ford Anglia and One Time She Lay Down (Harry and Ginny) NC17 Written for flyingcarpet at takingitinturns

Addiction (Harry and Ginny) Written for hpgw_100

This year was really pathetic, and looking back on my goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2011, I really slacked off.

Reconstructing Draco is STILL unfinished and I don't know if it ever will be. That really makes me sad because I like that story and I like the path that I am taking with it.

I fell like I let all of you down. You, my readers, have been so wonderfully supportive of me over the past six years, and I just haven't been doing what I have before. I also feel like I let myself down; I let work and stupid stuff get in the way of doing things that I love and brings me so much pleasure. I will admit that my smutty_claus fic took a lot out of me and was challenging to write. For that reason, I completely love it.

I did DRAW!

Ginny's Tattoo (NSFW) Drawn in pencil by me, and colored by redheadsarehot as a companion to the story of the same name by stmargarets as a gift to me at takingitinturns.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope to write more this year!!